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PAP a pic of your dad!


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Hi be

Hi din beh :">

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Do you want to get the Apple Watch?

of course

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Do you have or want a tattoo? What and where?

yes!! :)

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Hey, sorry for bothering u but if u want please SUBSCRIBE Thank you and have a good day :)

The Crids

done!! :))

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Hi! I followed you. Can you please like my best friend's page? It's something for her school! You would help her a lot! The link is in her bio xx


Thank you Jesy! Yes, I've liked the page. :) Goodluck and God bless =)))

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you don't know me. but do you think size matters :/


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What do you spend most of your money on?

foooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood :))

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Last movie you've seen?

Praybeyt Benjamin?

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dyou think it is small?

wtf who are you?

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so what would you say about the pic :/


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If you could interview anyone, who would you pick?

Jadine <3 or Shailene and Ansel <3

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What course and year are you?

I'm taking Marketing Mgt and dapat 2ndyr na. :)

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Name your boy and girl crushes?

Eric Quizon and and and Ellen Adarna?

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What's a popular food you find disgusting?


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What foreign language would you like to learn?

korean, spanish and german

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What is your lucky number?

12 :)

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What if you like this guy, but it's impossible for him to know because he sees you just as a friend

Welcome to the friendzone dude!! Well, its up to you if you're going to give up on your friendship or you'll tell him that you like him. There's a lot of things might happen.

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What are your 5 most favorite Websites?

fb, twitter,blogger, tumblr and and and and google <3

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Can you truly love more than one person?

Yes? Hahaha

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There's this guy at school called joe and he keeps randomly punching me, next time he does i plan on retaliating (im a girl).. what do you think i should do to him?

you should avoid him or talk to him that he should stop punching you becoz you're not a punching bag dude.

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Pogi ni rav pls

Sapilitan po itooo. Hahaha

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tbh, mas bagay sayo maiksing buhok :)

Really??? Omg sino kaaa?? :))

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Hi chocnut!!! Cool hair forevs <3

Reina Caroro

Heller chocnut!! Hahah Thank youuu :*

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