Ask @imvictoriaxx:

Hi! I followed you. Can you please like my best friend's page? It's something for her school! You would help her a lot! The link is in her bio xx

Thank you Jesy! Yes, I've liked the page. :) Goodluck and God bless =)))

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What if you like this guy, but it's impossible for him to know because he sees you just as a friend

Welcome to the friendzone dude!! Well, its up to you if you're going to give up on your friendship or you'll tell him that you like him. There's a lot of things might happen.

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There's this guy at school called joe and he keeps randomly punching me, next time he does i plan on retaliating (im a girl).. what do you think i should do to him?

you should avoid him or talk to him that he should stop punching you becoz you're not a punching bag dude.

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