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Top 5 favorite castaways/moments from Dildo Island?

5) Rodzilla <3 or Patton
4) Sagar
3) Luna
2) David
1) Viv
Brandon, Tristian, Will, Daniel, and the Austins were all really good as well. Everyone in the merge really brought it.
5) Rodzilla saying Brandon is online 24/7 so of course he would win the RI challenge
4) Austin W. goes to jail mid game
3) David ruins his own game, getting himself and Tristian eliminated
2) Brandon/Daniel/Sagar/Viv refusing to cut off Brady for David.. and then doing it as soon as David leaves.
1) Will's entire storyline, complete with the minority of the previous 4 and Brady somehow outsmarting the other 6 players.

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What do you think is the better decade? 2000's or 2010's? Think about it... Britney.... gaga..... Britney..... Gaga...... Take your pick....

Well lmao if you're asking who I'd pick between Britney and Gaga I'd pick Gaga everytime bye
But the better decade (I'm assuming you mean in music) was the 2000s for me. I had simpler music taste and I actually enjoyed the radio. I stopped listening regularly to the radio in like 2009.

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