Ask @inomniaparatus4ce:

What's your favorite snack food?

FINGER BUNS! Or Pizza flavoured shapes.

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What or who motivates you to get out of bed every morning?

Martin motivates me to get out of bed every morning. Not because I'm overwhelmed with love for him every day or something. Mostly because if I don't get out of bed he won't get me a diet coke to start the day off with. Pain in the neck.

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Why do people kill each other?

Depends. Could be lack of foresight. Could be the only conclusion that seems possible in bad situations. Could be hatred. Could be fear. Could beeeee a mixture of things honestly. Could be a complete lack of empathy.

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Do you have a special tradition for New Year’s celebration?

Stay up until midnight, kiss my husband, then proceed to treat the night like any other night only with more snacks and a *reason* to stay up past my "bed time."

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