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What are your favorite YouTube channels?

Vehicle Virgins
Daily Driven Exotics
Bb ki vines
Unbox Therapy
What's Inside?
Chachi Gonzales
Alex Choi
Ducky Bhai
Taimoor Salahuddin
Irfan Junejo
The Shehzad show
RIP Trippers
Peter Mckinnon
P 4 pakao
Rice gum
Alissa Violet
Conor Maynard
The Great Muhammad Ali
These channels are worth following.

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What is the real definition and goal of feminism according to you ?

Bro i have so much to say but it'll offend many souls over here.. There are some points i want to make clear.
This whole idea has been taken wrong by our society (specially the young girls) Since they have been born in this new society. I also want to make one thing quite clear that i am not against Feminisim and women rights.
Please ladies donot use women rights as a weapon. Girls of our society needs freedom as that of Europeans but the rights of Islam. COME ON! You are muslims... Read Quran it has described the qualities of a women what she should do.
Let's just talk about their demands. They want a Tall and Rich guy, who should be very careful, who should respect her and take her as his first priority and what all girls are doing is sitting with group of guys wearing clothes like them and when someone points then they said that "a women can never be forced for being a women". The point is women has been demanding so much from a man except giving him one thing that's being a women. If you dont do this then you're not getting a man of your desire instead of what you deserve (YKWIM).
"Vile women are for vile men, and vile men for vile women. Good women are for good men, and good men for good women" (24:26) AlQuran.
A WOMEN IS A MAN'S PRIORITY. Most of the people will disagree but let's just say you have something which you own. Is it your property? Yeah it is... How do you feel if you lose them? Are you gonna feel bad? OFCOURSE!! Have you ever noticed that there is always a thing which you can't let anyone touch? which you protect the most.. Yeah cause it's important for you.. So is a Women is important for a man..
A women can never be equal to a man you cannot deny it.. Its a fact. No matter how much independent you'll be in future, you'll always be dependant on your man like you've been on your father. Dress up to please your man otherwise you'll be bothered by others. Have you noticed when you walk with your dad or your brother no matter what you're wearing, no one bothers you. THAT'S A POWER OF MAN.
But you have to protect your man too. Cause he's incomplete wothout you. Always stand besides him and support him. Appreciate him on his efforts and and encourage him when he is down and out. Be a reason to his success. A girl can easily calm him down when he is losing his temper and wise women know how to deal with it and how to conquer him.. That's the ultimate power of girls.. That's true ruling.. ;)

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