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You don't like bottom!Sehun anymore? Cause I only see you tweet about daddy Sehun and baby Jongin... it's not I don't like it but I remeber your great Sehun from your ff and I miss it... So I just want to ask that you only like bottom Jongin now or maybe in future I still hope for some with baby Hun

Hahahahahaha.... I swing both ways. it depends on my mood. I like both topkai and tophun. I like them both to be dominant on e/o in the ship. hahaha. Daddy Sehun is hot! How do you resist him? I am actually in secret mission of writing a topkai. So do not worry. hee2.

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after reading north star i decided i'll be on a bottom jongin roll today. any other bottom nini fics/authors you'd like to recommend? (and gawd, i dont intend to sound so demanding but i need more bottom jongin from you. ive read every fic of yours and im still thirsty for more lol)

bottom nini is just so hard to find. like treasure but if there's any its damn good. hahaha
/im not talking bout myself/
so far, kaileidoscopic, jongyeolin, exophism,
and if u need a list check magic sugar's

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