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What is underfloor insulation ?

Underfloor Insulation is an insulation system to stop the cold air beneath your floor and spreading through the floorboards making your home cold and uncomfortable. A timber floor is just on average around 19mm thick, this combined with possible air leakage, create a heat sink beneath your home, drawing the heat out from below.
Good underfloor insulation can make a big difference to how comfortable your home is, and to the size of your energy bills. In homes with accessible underfloor spaces, it’s relatively cheap and easy to do.
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What is Room in Roof Insulation?

Room in Roof Insulation (Attic Insulation) also known as Roof Space Insulation is defined as a room in the roof area with fixed staircase and 1 or more windows. Room in Roofs usually have no insulation within the walls which can cause large amounts of heat loss in your home.
Roof Space Insulation consists of various thermal boards that are placed over the existing plasterboard called overboarding. Then the room is re-plastered to look like the original room. This process will then create a thermal barrier which helps trap heat inside your home.
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