Ask @intothegridsl:

Do you read regular blogs, if so which are your favorite? Love, Sienna.

Yes I do, I haven't really started reading blogs 'till I became a part of a few blogger groups. However... My favorite blogs to read are Strawberry Singh's ( as you could imagine lol and I love reading my friends their blogs too. Aerlinniel Roughneck (, Halo (, Kaelyn Alecto ( and Roodvosje Rosse ( are a few blogs I read on an almost daily basis now. Thanks for your question Sienna ♥

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your biggest inspiration on second life?

My overall biggest inspiration on second life is Strawberry Singh. She is amazingly creative and has great style, I love reading her blog and checking her YouTube.
Picture wise my friend Kaelyn Alecto is one of my biggest inspirations, she made me love SL photography even more than I used to and really made me try my best to make prettier pictures.

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