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give me a reason for studying and for living

Being unemployed or dead sucks even more.

View more what does that mean? for non-finnish people

In my next job interview instead of telling about myself I'll answer: "Jokes aren't good if you have to explain them".

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What did you last laugh at?

23:29:09 <+oraakkeli> vastaan seuraavassa työhaastatteklussa itsestäni kertomisen sijaan: "Vitsit ei oo hyviä jos niitä joutuu selittelemään"

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What's the unattractive part of heterosexual intercourse?

The male.

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The 1st episode of the worldwide awarded Indie movie game, Life is Strange, is now available for free. Have you tried it? If you did, are you willing to get the full season?

Not interested in it.

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Did your place or somewhere near your location became a PokéStop/Pokémon Stadium?

I have no idea since I don't play Pokemon GO.

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What's your favorite Disney Pixar movie?

Probably toy story. That's the only on I remember being a pixar thing.

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Where did ur osu! account disappear to?

Best secret agent movie series, 007 or Mission Impossible?

007, at least the older ones.

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How do you like your headphones? Wired or wireless?

Wired. No exceptions.

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do you know tickle

What do you think about Crash Bandicoot?

Crash Bandicoot was the first game I owned. I liked it.

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what do you think about futanari?

Some people think it's gay but in my opinion it basically removes the unattractive part of hetero intercourse.

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i'm dead inside, anon.

why do i want to fuck mr. tickle

Why would I know. I barely even have excuses for my own weird fetishes.

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How much money have you invested so far until now?

I'm not of a judean descent.

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what are your thoughts on these desserts?

what do you think about boats?

Boats are neat.

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but i asked it several days ago mate

Sometimes I don't feel like answering something right away and then I forget about it.

View more I tried every kind of reverse search and still nothing, mind sharing more pls?

Go to a booru of your choice.
Use tags: maid dark_skin elf

View more What is the music and video source? C; your active inactivity, is that enough?

I can't answer questions if people don't ask them.

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are you dead or something?

No, what makes you think that.

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Who's the gorgeous elf that you have as your tuuba avatar?

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