Ask @ippe602:

you will find out on osu later :3

are you a guy or a gril?

You be the judge of that.

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Show us your favorite emoji!

on a scale of one to moe how cute are you


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Post a picture of your current lock screen.

who ARE you

some random weeaboo on the internet

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post a selfie mao

You're gonna have to deal with a picture of me from 2011 because I don't take selfies.

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What are the benefits of being Finnish?

Free money from the magic wall.

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why did you get silenced?

I posted "tfw you will never suck your girlfriend's penis" on OT
At least that's what I think I got the silence from.

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Can I get the 420th question answered please?

What do you think about fanservice?

It is okay when done tastefully and in moderation.
Too bad the Japanese don't know what these two words mean most of the time.

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do you love satan

Only if satan is a little girl.

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hypothetical situation: the world's destruction is inminent, you managed to find a haven that will keep you safe for the next century. Among all the people in this world, you can only choose one person to keep you company. The question is: which one would you SAVE?

post some chaika pls?

hey you're unsilenced now! \:D/

That's what they want you to think.

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only on saturdays

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Do you cuddle Valen like a faggot when you're at his place?

I can neither confirm nor deny this.

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What do you think about Early Access games?

Paying for a product with no actual guarantee of it ever being finished is even dumber than preordering games.

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What kind of things do you like to do in summer?

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