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What blogs do you follow?

I don't follow blogs anymore... these days I keep myself updated on the things I'm interested in via Twitter and FaceBook and well L-chat, mostly. I do keep track of some Tumblrs but I don't even think I'm logged in with my own account right now.

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I have a very serious question. If someone calls themself either straight, lesbian or gay and fall in love with a non binary person, are they really straight? Because if the answer is no, then 90% of people wouldnt be those sexual orentations. Or is it because they dont really respect their gender?

I'd say they're pansexual with a strong gender bias? I guess. Sexuality is hella complicated and there's so much to say about this.

Okay let me expand a little at least; I mean if a a gay person fell for someone who's biologically the same sex as them and if this person considers themselves to be more to one side of the spectrum, though still non-binary, I'd have no problem with the first person in question calling themselves gay. Parts do play a part (lol) for some people, myself included. So when someone's not entirely one thing it can be tricky to define and that's... life. I don't know, I feel like whatever I say I'll end up causing a shitstorm so I'll stop here. Haha.

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vilka namn har du tänkt på?

Pettson, Marsupilami och Mazarin. Kommer definitivt använda Pettson först (honkatt)!

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Why do you need so many cats? Does your house have alot of mice and rats?

I love cats
I love every kind of cat
I think about how cute they are
And how their ears... and their whiskers and their nose
I just love them
And I want them
In my bed
And I just want to roll around-round round
So anyway
I am a cat lover and I love to run
I'm sorry I'm thinking about cats again
I really love cats
But I can't hug every cat

(...So I'll settle for the one I have now and at least one when I move out)

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Are you saving money right now for something special? What is this special thing?

A home and three shelter cats I've already picked out names for.

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Why should one be nice to bad people as well ??©


Well I don't think one should have to be nice to bad people (with very few exceptions) so there's that.

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What do you think about gay people?

Who? Never heard of them

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may I know why your name on twitter is 'titty malaysia' ? because i'm from malaysia and i got curious haha. feel free to not answer if it's a personal inside joke. :) <3

Oh no it's got nothing to do with Malaysia, it's from an old Orphan Black meme. Someone on Tumblr ages ago was like "So I'm sitting next to that Titty Malaysia woman from Orphan Black" and it's basically my favorite thing in the world.

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tell me more about your job! do you like it? what do you do?

I think all people who work as servers or in the hospitality industry can relate to it being frustrating as heck sometimes, but I love it! Since the restaurant is in a hotel, there's stuff like room service, restocking minibars and taking care of the different buffets we serve as well, so I get to do a lot of different things besides taking care of guests during the breakfast rush and waiting tables during lunch. So that's what I do. My English has improved so much since I started working as well, since many of my coworkers and of course a majority of our guests only speak English. It's a lot of fun being in that environment for many reasons.

...Aaaaand even on days when it isn't fun at all, the team I work with is absolutely amazing and will always do their best to cheer everyone up. Which is exactly what you need when we have 800 guests on a Sunday and are short on staff. We're like a big family. (Of superheroes tbh. Really cannot stress how fucking hectic it gets sometimes.)

There's really a lot more to it but that's... basic restaurant/hotel work, I won't bore you with the tiniest of details.

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Thats not alot of hours, you should get a second job. 60-70 hours is a good target.

That's full time and that's good enough for me, especially considering my job gets both hectic and heavy every day. So bye bye now.

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What do you about the singer who represents Spain in Eurovision 2017? If you haven't listened the song I'd recommend you to!

I haven't heard it but I BET MY OWN ASS it's a billion times better than Sweden's entry this year.

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How many hours a week do you work?

I'm starting full time next week so by then it'll be 40 h/week, but I've been on a 30 h/week schedule up until now. With the exception of January. I think I got like a total of 10 shifts in January because there were no guests it was a disaster.

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Did you watch serial "Sherlock"?

First and second season, completely lost interest by season three. I didn't like where the plot was headed by then, I preferred when they just solved cases, don't need a bunch of relationship and marriage drama confusing things. It got boring.

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Are you gay?

I am a good Christian how dare you

Well yeah of course I am, that's very,, very, very old news. Was never news to begin with.
(Also not religious)

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But arent you well payed? I mean, dont you earn a good salary?

I make a decent/average salary for someone my age. Which is why I refuse to let my parents pay for things and in turn why I some months need to spend my entire paycheck. I'm not too worried about it though, this way not much will change when I move out and I have already been putting away apartment-money for a while.

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What do you spend the most on?

Rent, transportation and bills. General living. I do try to save as much as possible though but some months it's harder than others!

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How do you invest your savings?

I am 22 years old and I work as a waitress.

1. What savings?
2. I n v e s t? Girl I'm just trying to KEEP my hard earned money in my account.

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Are you a mommy or daddy person?

The fact that today's youth has turned this into a hella fucking creepy question makes me sad.

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Are you agains surrogate mothers or do you support it? I went to a meeting the other day where a specialised person in feminism told me that in order to be a feminist you MUST be against it and maybe I'm wrong but I consider myself a feminist and as long as the person decides to do so imo it's okay

I'm pro choice when it comes to abortion, pro choice when it comes to surrogacy, donating eggs, adoption, and I'm definitely pro IVF seeing as I wouldn't exist without that "alternative" method of conception. Long story short, I'm pro choice when it comes to bodies. No one should force someone to be a surrogate, just as no one should stop someone from being a surrogate. Maybe that person specialized in feminism needs to... freshen up their education and learn how to look at things from different perspectives.

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쌤킴 너 아이폰으로 바꿨어? Yes or no only

Where did u get the impression I speak Korean?

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Do you try to look attractive when you go to the local grocery store?

I wear my old pajamas with holes in it literally everywhere. I have no shame and I'm very open about it.

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Did you watch you country's Eurovision elliminations? Who won? Did you like the winner?

The winner made me want to throw up and I'm already overwhelmed with shame thinking about the fact that he'll represent us in the big ESC final. Worst thing I've seen in Swedish mello-history, hands down. Everything about the number just screamed "I am a douchebag who treats beautiful women like objects."

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Is it true that winter in Sweden and Scandinavia is harder than in the rest of Europe (eg Poland, Ukraine etc.)?

I mean it's further up North and everything stops working and it never ends so yeah even though I haven't experienced winter in Ukraine for example — I think I can say it's worse. It's hell.

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So you eat normal cheese?

I'm not a huge fan of cheese tbh and I do try to limit my dairy, but yes, obviously. I'm not a vegan, I'm lacto-ovo vegetarian.

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