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Want to get over someone.. Anyone willing to help?

Who is she lemme know why would you do effort. I can do it for you bro ✌️✌️

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What’s life for you?

mahamshaikh462’s Profile PhotoMahamShaykh
World is just a joke to me. but if I gonna earn billions of billions then your life should have many goals which do not depend over hurdles but my life has been changed soo much that I'm scared to myself honestly

I really need a good advice regarding a very serious matter someone who can give good advice pls I want to share something

Whatsapp krdein. 🤔😅

Serious question: Should you get married if you are emotionally attached to someone else.( not w the person you're about to marry)? The person you r going to marry is perfect ticks all the boxes but you are scarred by past traumas and still have feelings for the person who hurt you?

At first you're addicted to the happiness and pleasure levels at it's peak, if the person is around you. You always suppose to receive positive vibes and the emotional satisfaction. Secondly, if you're about marry that person's image is not good in your thoughts. In the end psychological you could never imagine her with the person you have lovely emotions. So you wouldn't satisfied after marriage because afterlife of marriage ain't give strength to you're relationship meanwhile you must think do I did wrong to me why I wouldn't married my love. Your feelings for that guy would never became less

So this man is from rajanpur we met online he said he likes me i started liking him too then suddenly he disappear for 3 months then later he told me he was in a relation but broke up we started talking again but now that girl come back again first he blocked me on fb WA, now talking rudely to me

Show some guts if your self respect hit by him do arrogance and act like chal oye nikey lpc 😛😎🙏

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Are you too Waiting for December cold Nights ❄️✨

Dua2222’s Profile Photoدعا ملک_ ✨
Excited for this December but haven't
Confirmed the reason for excitement....😛😉.but u look much exited 😆 why wouldn't we do plans


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