Ask @isabellaa_gallo:

Pap showing off your ass

no it's okay

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Stop using the n word your white as fuck

oh true

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Wyd tn?

prob nothing ofc

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that wasn't me.. lol you tried tho HAHA

nigga I know...

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You would make me "cum" again...

lol you thought @chloenn6

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I bet your bop game crazy

come again??

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Do u still like max


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Lol who tf comes up with this shit

Laning McNeil
idk and idc

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Who's your best friend

Laning trying to gw max

good luck @LCM1121

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do u have a valentine? 💘

wyd tonight?

Idk hmu w plans

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Staz on Friday??


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Pap sc best friends

top 5 hottest ppl you know

Would you have sex with Max?

what the fuck I'm 14

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Sexy asf ❤️😍

Likers get tbh?


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r there any dances tonight

I'm gonna say no considering it's a Sunday...

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Max Hitman
do me a favor and never say that again okay?

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the fuck v

Max Hitman
you still use ask?😭

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Aw prof pic :))

aw i love you

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I hate you, I love you, I hate that I can't see you but I promise to keep you in my heart😘😘 luv ya😂😂💗

lol aw

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