Ask @isabellaiscool:

How are things with your bf?

everything is great !! our 6 months was wednesday

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Does Amiah jones have a bf

I don't think so but idk lol

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Your IG pic is pretty hot! Glad to see that you seem to be doing good.

thanks haha

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What do you like most about your car

the interior

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Have you gotten a parking or speeding ticket yet?


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What's the best thing about cheering at dhs

friday night lights forsure

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Now that you are taking classes at college do college guys hit on you a lot if so does it bother you

no haha they're all kinda gross

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Do you still work at kemah

How many classes do you take at com

4 college classes and 1 high school class

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do you have a purity ring?

no haha I'm not religious

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Do you think you're pretty? Why or why not?

I mean I don't think I'm ugly. but I'm not cocky haha

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dating anyone?


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Have you gotten your first speeding ticket yet?

Are you seeing drake and future tomorrow?


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How is Faith? I hope she's doin good!

I think she's doing good

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you and faith was like the new Mallory and kamryn Lyke dayum wtf

I haven't been close friends with Faith since like freshman year lmao

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What is collegiate?

instead of going to your high school, you go to COM and take college classes there. you graduate with an associate's degree plus you can graduate with a certification, my degree rn is just general studies but I'll graduate with a pharmacy tech certification. on mondays and Wednesdays I have history, psych for success, and high school physics, and then tuesdays and thursdays I have English and college algebra and fridays I have physics lab and just do homework the rest of the day. and it's nice because I get out at 12 or 11 everyday and I can still cheer for DHS

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.so why is Having a school across from your block bad?

it's hard to get out in the morning and home in the afternoon

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are you ever coming back to dhs and are you cheering for your new school?

I still cheer for DHS lol

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why did U move and why did faith move

I didn't move!!!

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What classes did you pick for next year?

I'm doing collegiate

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Where did you get your permit?

Online lol

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I didn't read it like that, it read like oh I jus bought me some new panties, let me get a selfie in them.

no they mean like if someone buys them the 10 for $35 they'll send them butt pics in them

View more it's not trying to objectify women, it's trying to sell panties

obviously VS is trying to sell panties, just the actual tweet, like the fact that so many people would send butt pics just because someone buys them underwear, like wtf lol

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