tysm, does he do that to everyone ?

quite a few girls

Isabella-San you have an American passport? So lucky pap of your passport please

wtf lol

okay this is so old, but Nick peele the Jr. ? idk if you know him but he used to say he talked to me and to you and I was wondering how you got him off of your case bc he's kinda annoying

I just ignored him lol like if he texted me I wouldn't answer if he dmed me, snapchatted me, tweeted, me I just wouldn't answer

I'm an American Chinese aka East Asian and yet I'm stuck in a disgusting third world Southeast Asia country Singapore a country I shouldn't even be in the first place all because of my Grandmother STUPID MISTAKE MOVING HERE FROM CHINA! And yet you're a southeast Asian and u live in America! UNFAIR!

ohh! cool!

I like your blue necklace :) Where did you bought it at?

my blue neckace??

Nail pap?

I don't have anything on them

https://twitter.com/isayebella/status/687871053826101248 Um, you do know what you look like right? Shitt I'd pay a million dollars just for you to say hi to me!!!

hahaha awe

Who's your orthodontist? And how much did you pay for your braces? :)

his name is Dr. Greer! and I'm not sure hahah I never asked

Pap of your bedroom

I couldn't get the other side

Have you ever had a boyfriend?

not a real one

Do you like Kylie Jenner?

I mean I think she's funny and has nice style and all but idk I'm not the biggest fan of her

What are your thoughts on underage girls lying about their age?

I don't really get the point of it lol, they're going to eventually find out your real age so idk why you would lie about something like that especially when you could get someone else in trouble by doing it

Favorite movie?

I don't have one

Why do you have 3 instagrams following yourself?

what lol

Have you seen the 100 on Netflix


Did you have a New Years kiss


When was the last time you got toys for Christmas?

4th grade probably

Omg what did you get for Christmas?!?!

clothes, shoes, makeup, a robe, jewelry and money hahah

I mean this in the least creepy way, you are so gorgeous, but you're too young for me. I'm not trying to get with you or anything, but you are a beautiful human being.

hahah thank you

You looked so pretty at cotillon

thank you!

Hey Bella!!! I just wanted to let you know that you are such an awesome human being. You have a great sense of humor and you are nice and you see the good in people and you are talented and smart and I love ya so much!!!! Keep being yourself! ❤️

aw thank you!! that means a lot!

What eyebrow gel do you use??

great lash clear mascara

All decked out Christmas pap? kelly


Why did you delete a lot of your answers?

I went through a bunch and I realized I had answered them in either a rude way or I was just annoying and thought I was funny so I deleted some

How have you been? It's been awhile since you've answered questions.

I've been doing ight:)))


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tru dat

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