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Views on me??

OKAY SO FINALLY ......i dnt have words baby its like so many things are goin on in my mind rn i dnt know where to start ..Hahaha but honestly u r the bestest thing tat has ever happened to me im so lucky to have u ik we've had hard times as well but I'm glad that at the end we r back nd i cannot afford to lose you at any cost my day begins with u nd ends at u i just cant stand without talking to u for a single min day goes incomplete if I dnt see u eyes search for u baby.
its like we've had endless moments each nd every second feels special with u ...u r like a blessing to me for which i always wished you are like my dream coming true
I LOVE YOU BABY...u loved me when noone did nd thankyouu so much for always being there for me no matter what ....watever time,situation,place u r just there for me.You love me more than i love u ....nd tat makes me love you more ....Those walks those talks all are just perfect.we talk all day night long but still our talks are pending idk how lol ....we've completed 2 years can u imagine i never thought we would last this long nd now when we are here it feels like its gonna stay forver! i never expected that we will fall for each other this deep nd now when we have i cannot imagine a life without you ... I LOVE YOU LOTS BABY 2DTG!

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A moment you cannot forget?

like I was seriously wishing smthing to comeup like this ♡
soo...basically I met ronak last night♥
nd it was like amazing ....I met him after such a long time nd as soon as I saw him I actually realised tat I was so much wrong
after spending a few moments with him I realised tat my priorities changed but actually dint
I REALISED I STILL LOVE HIM....more than what I used too♥
I REALISED that I made a mistake ...I actually made a mistake by moving on....I actually made a mistake by thinking tat I dnt love him anymore...I have started loving someone else
and I'm glad tat I REALISED it♥
I know it's late...but not tooo late!
I actually dnt know what's gonna happen further
but fr now I just can't stop thinking bout last night nd him♥

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