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does Masterbation break fasting?

Masturbation with ejaculation does break the fast according to scholars. A person will have to make up this day of fasting. Allah knows best

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AA my husband is trying to be better but he still some issues he is working very hard on. One is he makes me have anal sex with him he doesn't let me say no he is very sorry after and repents but I want to know if he does it agains I have to make ghusal or no ghusal for prayer

Anal sex is completely impermissible and unlawful. There are great warnings for such an action. Allah curses such a person and they are deprived of Allah's mercy. You should explain this to your husband and do your best to say no.

It is obligatory for a woman and man to take a ghusl after anal penetration. Allah knows best

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Al salamo alaikom pleasee help! I was fasting and during my fasting I lost control of myself and watched porn and masturbated...I regret this very much but during the act I was too turned on to stop. What should I do for Allah to forgive me? (I'm a girl and I'm not married)

Sincerely repent to Allah for committing this sin and pledge to never do it again. Avoid watching pornography and do your best to stop masturbating. Work on increasing your faith to help give up these habits for good.

Assuming that you ejaculated while masturbating, you will also have to make this day of fasting up outside of Ramadan. Ejaculation breaks the fast. Allah knows best

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Salam, I am 18 years old and If possible I want to study medicine Inshallah. For that I have to move out. Moreover I really want to get married since a few months. I always dream about marriage and I feel like I need a man on my side. But my parents never talke with me about that. What can I do? Thx

I would recommend that you take the initiative and the first step by having an open conversation with your parents on your desire to get married. It is your need and right to get married. There is nothing wrong in bringing this topic up with your parents openly. If nothing else, tell them that a Shaykh advised you to speak to them. May Allah facilitate marriage for you and grant you a spouse who will be the coolness of your eyes. Allah knows best

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Hi, I´m still single and a virgin but I really want to get married. I just finished school and i feel it´s he time to marry. but my parents never talked to me about marrige. we´re sunni from iraq. could you lpease tell me something about marroage and the irst night? what should i know? wa salam!

I would recommend that you have an open discussion with your parents about marriage and explain to them that you are ready to get married. It is sometimes difficult to discuss these issues with traditional parents, but it must be done to ensure the girl is saved from temptation and gets married.

There are many books I would recommend that a Muslim boy and girl read before marriage. Ashraf's Guide to Marriage is a good book. Mufti Al-Kawthary has also written a comprehensive Islamic Guide to Sexual Relations. I am attaching a link to the PDF of the book below.

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Girls get regular daily discharge so if I was to get it on my underwear can i still pray or am i unpure as this is what happens on a daily basis..

Mufti Abdur Rahman Ibn Yusuf has writen a fatwa on this subject which I will quote below. This is according to the Hanafi School of thought.

Do cervical mucus or vaginal discharge break the wudu?

Answered by: Mufti Abdurrahman ibn Yusuf

Assalamu alaykum

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious Most Merciful

There is a difference of opinion among the scholars concerning Cervical mucus or vaginal discharge. Since it comes from the cervix which is the “farj dakhil” in Arabic, according to Imam Abu Hanifa, it is not impure and does not break the wudu. According to his two students, Imam Abu Yusuf and Imam Muhammad, it is impure and will break the wudu. Hence, there is a difference of opinion.

Some of the later scholars based the rulings on the first view and others based it on the second view.

What we can say for now is that if a women experiences excessive discharge, she could go by the first opinion of it being pure, and will not have to renew her wudu each time it happens. However, if it is experienced very infrequently, then it would be preferable to wash up and renew the wudu due to the other opinion which is more precautionary.

Also, in the case of the first women, if she is at home and has time to wash up, it would be preferable to do so, but in other situations she does not need to.

This is all concerning the discharge which is not discolored. As for the discharge which is discolored due to thrush or any other ailment, or the discharge due to excitement, then it will be considered impure and nullify the wudu

Allah knows best.

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I committed zina with my now wife, however were now married and she has reverted. If I repent will Allah forgive my stupidness, we both regret our actions.

Yes, if both of you sincerely repent to Allah for your previous actions, He will forgive your sins. Allah is most-forgiving and loves to forgive. Regret is the first step of repentance. A person who sincerely repents to Allah is like a person who has no sin. Make the most of your current marriage and try to live with piety and the fear of Allah. Teach your wife about Islam and help her grow in Islam. Allah knows best

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I know having sexual intercourse is haram while fasting in Ramadan. But can a husband and wife cuddle up and sleep naked together whilst fasting. Also is it permissable for the husband and wife to play with each other's private parts as long as neither orgasm.

It is permissible for the husband and wife to cuddle, sleep naked together, and fondle one another while fasting in the month of Ramadhan. However, it is discouraged to do so because there is a good chance it will lead to actual intercourse. It is difficult for the couple to control themselves once they are turned and and are in the heat of passion. The Messenger of Allah specifically discouraged young couples from kissing while fasting and gave permission to an elderly couple.

There are severe consequences for having vaginal sex in the month of Ramadhan. According to the Hanafi Mazhab, the couple will have to fast 60 days continuously for having vaginal sex whilst fasting. If you are planning to engage in foreplay should exercise great caution. Allah knows best

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Am i allowed to marry a girl who was raped?

Yes, you are allowed in Islam to marry a Muslim girl who has been raped. The marriage will be valid. The husband should recognize that the woman may have undergone trauma as a result of the rape and may need the husband to be extra sensitive and understanding. He should also be extra gentle with her during foreplay and intimacy. In some cases, rape victims may need professional help as well. They may find it difficult to open up to a man and be intimate with a man. Consider all these aspects before finalizing your decision to marry. Allah knows best

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If my wife is crap at sex is it haram for me to divorce her?

The Messenger of Allah Salallah Alayh Wa Sallama said, "The most disliked action from those things which are permissible is divorce." From a legal perspective, it is permissible for a husband to divorce his wife if she is not good in bed and it is not haram to do so. Sexual comparability is important in a marriage and the sex life should be healthy enough to keep both spouses chaste to the extent of avoiding temptation.

However, divorce is disliked unless there is a valid reason to do so and divorce should be the last resort when all other avenues are exhausted. The question here to ask is whether the husband has done hos best to unlock the sexual potential of his wife through extensive foreplay, stimulation, and attempts to involve the wife. It is highly possible that the husband himself could be the cause of his wife's frigidity. A woman generally responds to sexual behavior and the husband is the initiator. The true sexual potential of a woman is only unlocked by the consistent, diverse, loving, and exhaustive efforts of the husband. The husband cannot just expect the wife to instantly and magically make sex to him like a porn star. His role is to stimulate her and turn her on to the extent that he is fully involved in the sexual activities. It is only possible to know how 'good' a woman is in bed when you spend 30-60 minutes in foreplay whenever the couple has sex. I would suggest that this couple consult with a sex therapist who is preferably Muslim or an Imam who hax experience in this matter. I would first take steps to improve the sex life such as sexual massages to the wife and long intervals of foreplay. Do your best to save this marriage before resorting to divorce. There are sometimes psychological issues at play which prevent the wife from enjoying sex or fully participating in sex.

It may be possible to address these issues of female frigidity easily or it may be possible that they stem from long-term structural problems and may take years to address. It is hard to assess the situation online without more information. Sexual compatibility is an important objective of marriage and must be seriously considered. The husband should make istilhara and consider what is best for him and his wife. Allah knows best

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Its right to watch porns

No, it is completely unlawful for a Muslim to watch porn. See the previous answers

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Can I marry a Muslim guy if I intend to revert shortly after our marriage or do i HAVE to be muslim first?

Islam does technically permit marriage to a believing Jew or Christian woman. I do not know of the religious beliefs of the questioner and therefore, I cannot comment. From a practical point of view, it would be better if the girl would covert first. It will be a special experience to have the marriage after the conversion. It sounds like the questioner is already seriously interested in Islam and just needs some encouragement or to have some questions answered. Speak to a local male or female scholar or Imam. May Allah guide you and grant you a happy marriage that will last in this world and the next.

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If you like a girl and start talking to her but you are convinced that u will get married to her haraam.

It is still unlawful for a man to talk to a woman he is not married to beyond the amount of necessity, even if he is convinced that he will marry her. A commitment to marry is not equivalent to marriage. Only marriage makes full communication permissible. Allah knows best

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When should a muslim girl wear hijab?

It becomes obligatory upon a Muslim girl to wear a headscarf or hijab once she reaches the age of puberty. She should also wear loose clothing which does not reveal the shape of her body, such as a jilbab, abaya, or burqa. However, a Muslim girl should start inculcating the habit of wearing a hijab at an early age so that she is accustomed to it by the time she reaches the age of puberty. It is difficult to expect a girl to start wearing the hijab overnight right when she reaches the age of puberty when she has not done so her whole life. Allah knows best

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(im a girl) Is it haram to send nude pics to a girl?

Yes, it is unlawful for a woman to see the naked body of another woman from the navel to the knees. Also, such pictures sometimes get circulated and sent to other males as well. The wrong people may get a hold of the pictures. A Muslim woman should completely avoid sending her nude pictures to anyone

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Is anal allowed?

Anal sex is not allowed and is a major sin in Islam. There are many authentic Hadith condemning this action. Refer to the precious answers. Allah knows best

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can , you please answer my question about masturbation and whether to tell my future husband or not , i really need to know . i sent it yesterday.

Your sin of masturbating in the past is between you and Allah. If you have sincerely repented and vowed to never do it again, then Allah will accept your repentance and you start off with a clean slate.

There are different types of masturbation in females. The common one involves external stimulation without breaking the hymen. This should not affect the virginity of the girl and should not be an issue of concern for the husband. The issue of masturbating in the past should not be a major issue that will have a great negative impact on the marriage because it does not involve a past relationship or another man. In such a scenario, it is not obligatory in Islamic law for the wife to inform her husband of her past behavior.

At the same time, a successful marriage is based on good communication and honesty. Although it is not necessary, it may still be a good idea to inform the husband if the wife feels comfortable doing so on the basis of honesty. This may even improve their sexual life and educate the husband on his wife's needs and preferences. Allah knows best

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Someone advised me to masturbate 30 min before having sex to avoid Premature Ejaculation . is that right and what can I do ?

Masturbation is forbidden in Islam and is a harmful practice. Based on anecdotal evidence from acquaintances, masturbation can actually cause premature ejaculation and make it harder for a man to please a woman. This advise given to you is wrong and should be discarded.

The best thing to do is to preserve yourself for marriage and not involve yourself in any sexual perversions like masturbation or pornography before marriage. A normal man who has preserved himself for marriage should be able to properly have sexual relations with his wife without any problems such as premature ejaculation.

Allah knows best

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I caught my 15 year old brother watching me change thru the window. I was almost naked and he admitted to have been there for a long time. I am an adult but I have a younger teenage sister who I am afraid he may be inappropriately with. I rebuked him. Should I tell my parents?

this is a reprehensible act committed by your brother. It is completely unlawful to look at any naked woman besides your wife, and it is even worse to look at your own sister. This boy is extremely confused and needs help.

The best thing to do is inform your parents of the matter immediately. It is best to deal with the situation as soon as possible in order to avoid problems in the future. Inshallah by informing your parents, your brother can be disciplined appropriately.

You had mentioned that the brother may be doing inappropriate things with your younger sister. I would suggest that you openly discuss the issue with her and find out if something is going on. It is important to protect her from harm and take steps to ensure her safety.

It may be difficult to discuss these issues with your parents because of the sensitive nature of the matter. However, it is a very serious matter which must be addressed early on before it escalates into a full-fledged case of incest. May Allah make it easy for you and protect your family from evil and temptation.

Allah knows best

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Does one have to completely shave their pubes every forty days or can they just trim them?

A person should not allow the pubic hair to grow for more than 40 days on its own. The Hadith of the Messenger of Allah mention completely shaving or removing the pubic hair. It would be best to remove all the pubic hair and not just trim it. Allah knows best

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i am 13years old girl i already do sex with a boy.does it isa crime

It is a major sin for a Muslim girl to have sexual relations outside of marriage. It is strongly recommended that a Muslim girl waits for marriage and saves herself for marriage. Lawful sexual relations in Islam can only take place in the sacred union of marriage

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In relation to men, I am aware we have to shave pubic hair. But what hair constitutes pubic hair, this has never been made clear. The penis itself and scrotum? If so, how does one go about removing the hair completely from the scrotum?

Please refer to the following fatwa written by Shafiq Jakura on the subject:

1. It is best that the pubic hairs be removed at least once a week. If this is not possible or is difficult, then the hairs should be removed at least once every fifteen days. Leaving the hair to grow for more than 40 days is objectionable in the Sharia. (Fataawa Hindiya 5/357).
2. As mentioned above, it is objectionable to leave the pubic hairs without removing them for 40 days or more. With regards to ones supplications, then although Allah (SWT) can accept the duas of any person in any condition, the duas of a person who is violating the rules of the Sharia are less likely to be accepted.

3. Hair removal cream can be used.

4. The hair under the armpit should be removed. Similarly, the hair around the private part, being approximately 4 finger spaces above the private part (i.e. from where the belly ends) until the anus should be removed.

5. It is best to remove all the hair around the anus.

And Allah Ta'ala Knows Best

Mufti Shafiq Jakura

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Is shaving of the private part for both women & men allowed (including balls) ?

Muslim men and women should shave their pubic hair once every 40 days in light of Islamic hygiene. The testicles are not included in the required portion which a man must shave and is optional. Allah knows best

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is it gud in Islam to shave ur private part neat without no hair

Yes, Islam strongly recommends that a man and woman shave their pubic hair once every 40 days.

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Im a man...when shaving around the private parts can u do the anus aswell?

The required portion which should be shaved is the pubic hair directly around the private parts. It is not required to shave the area around the anus, but it is optional. I would not recommend doing so for practical reasons because once you have the hair in an area, it grows back rough. If you shave it once, you will have to continue doing so for the rest of your life.

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