Ask @islandxbarbie:

Use this to rant ~

boy: *wears sports hat*
other boy: "oh you like (name of team on hat)?"
boy: "nah I just like the hat"
other boy: "lol oh ok cool"
girl: *wears soccer jersey*
boy: "oh you like (name of team on jersey)?"
girl: why the hell else would I spend $100 on this god damn flammable piece of shit
girl: "yes"
boy: "oh yeah? who was the coach during 1957? what's the blood type of your goalies? how many el classico games have there been? how many soccer balls are distributed in a year?"
girl: "idk I just like this team"
boy: "you're not a true fan"

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What's your opinion on the Kesha situation?

zayn can break his contract because he was unhappy, chris brown can brutally assault a woman and have a more than successful career, but a woman who's been sexually and mentally abused is being punished.
like literally everyone says "go to the police," "speak up," "r*pe culture isn't real," but when victims try to seek justice - they're accused of lying and not a damn thing is done for them. she's stuck with her r*pists, while they walk scotch free. it's heartbreaking and disgusting.

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