Ask @ism_gr:

Kpopalypse Christmas question! Do you follow Kpopalypse blog? If so, why do you read that trash? If not, what would make you read that trash? If you would never read that garbage, why? Do multiple questions in one annoy you? Does it annoy you when someone bulk-asks everyone the same question?

Merry Christmas!
-Yes, I'm a caonima.
-How do you know I read koreaboo?
-Quality fap posts would make me read allkpop.
-I would never read asianfanfics because they are gay af (no homo)
-No but when they are too many I tend miss some

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It's nearly Xmas so everyone I follow on gets a question. Yours is: how much traffic does your site get? Are there many Spanish speaking k-pop fans? What are the big countries that hit your site the most, is it mainly Spain or others?

It's actually Greek, lol. It has about 1200 hits per day, site was at its peak on June with 2500 per day.
Most visits are from US, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Germany and France.
All these hits are from Google images, saw that I had a lot of traffic on one Super Junior article and decided to make who is who's for big releases or releases I liked.
Visits from Greece are like 2% of my traffic, there are enough fans though for nugu group Led Apple to have a successful concert back in October.

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