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Do you have a some poem that you're writing and keep for yourself ?

she can be happy for them, but she not happy for her self,
she can give the best words for them, but she can't give the best words for her self,
she can smile for them, but she can't smile for her self,
she can be with them, but she let that self alone every time,
she can hear them, but she don't want hear what she want to say for her self,
she can say "yes" for them, but she can't say "yes" for her,
she can say congrat for them, but she never congrat that self,
she always believe they can do it, but she don't believe her self can do it too,
sometimes she will be a overthinking person just because worried about them, but she never give a time to think about that self.
now herself..
she is not for herself, but she is for others.

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This story because someone ever say to me : I'm lucky because I can fulfill my dreams. But actually I want she and everyone know "not as their thought"
Everyone has dreams. It doesn't matter who you are. But, you have to walk to make your dream come true not just wishful thinking.
-Tiada impian yang hanya angan-angan. Kerna impian terwujud dengan dua jalan iaitu, telah pun tercapai dan keduanya mungkin tertangguh seketika.-

I'm really on my lowest rn, every night I pray that I will not wake up from my sleep. I pray to God every night to take my life. But I guess I am not good enough because I am still here. I guess I will have to answer my own prayer.

It's not your fault for feeling like this.
There is a reason Allah still give you to be here today. There is also a reason why Allah does not answer your prayers today, tommorow maybe the next day.
If you think you know yourself, don't forget, He knows you better.
So here from me, I want to say to you Allah knows you are strong, strong and strong person. Yes, you do not see. Yes, you don't feel it and you don't know that either. Keep being where you are now. Keep be strong like always. Because Allah is watching over you. Always and always.

Hve u ever know or met someone struggling with pornography or masturbation? Currently Im struggling to stop getting into these things anymore. I know its a wrong thing. Im having hard time going back and forth. What should I do? Im asking this randomly directly cus I think if shouout ppl wont ans.

sorry for the late response to your question. I don't know if it will help you or not. But I hope it's can help you even a little.
1. You try to keep yourself busy all day. (maybe when you're tired all day, you don't have time to think about it)
2. when you think about it, try to find a friend to chat with for a while until you can forget about it (don't be alone)
3. don't leave your time empty even for a moment, a minute.
4. when you think about it, pray. As small as prayer to Allah for help you then. (always think Allah see you every time, what you do) Pray Allah hears your intentions.
I know it's hard for you. But I'm respect your big efforts. Try, try and keep trying the best you can even if it's slowly, even if it's takes you a long time for you to struggle to get out of this situation. Keep doing untill Allah see your big efforts. He know your kind intentions. He won't leave you alone. Who you are, I'm pray for you here. :)

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To whoever thinks he has failed..
that is not the end for you.
There is no failures only apportunities.
There is no losing only learning.
And there is no problems only solutions.
What failures is?
Say to yourself
"It's the mother of all success".
If you always winning, then you don't really understand what it is to win.
You gotta take those losses. You gotta take those hits. That's got to be the valleys, the peaks, steps ups, the downs in order for you to when it does happens, wow! You get it. You've managed to prove you can do it. This is what it is all about and not only that. It's never about making it guys, it's always about maintaining it. That's the toughest part.


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