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if you were given the opportunity to say something to your best friend, what would you say?

If one day you see me change the way I treat you, I'm sorry.
That's just an external change, the sign I want to be strong for myself. The sign of my ego has won to treat you like that. I'm also want to apologize for that.
But listen this my dearest friend, I just want you to know one thing, my prayers for you from afar still the same. My trust in you still the same. I feel proud of you and all about us before this, never changed.
You are still my best friend as before. That's what I want you to know and say to you.

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Assalamualaikum Tihah. Terimakasih semalam datang menyinggah ke 'rumah' saya. Nah ni buat tangan sikit :) "Allah listens to all your spoken and unspoken prayers, and grants the ones which are the best for you." Keep fighting.. keep on praying. Allah is with you.

Waalaikummusalam awak :)
Sama2. Itu hadiah kecil daripada saya utk awak. Harap awak terima la ya.
Terima kasih juga atas buah tangan awk beri kat saya.
It's a great gift I get from the friend at here :)
Terima kasih banyak ya 🌹

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Say something?

If you think your life is hard, think again. See people around you, and back to yourself then learn to say everyone also have their hard journey :)
God has a greater plan for us. We don't know what is this, but He surely has. What we can do that day, we just to decide going to fight our fear. This life is a test and trial are never supposed to be easy. Trials will make you a stronger and better person.
It's okay to be scared, It's okay to cry, it's okay sometimes, we feel sad and want to give up for everything. Say to yourself, Everything is okay. But, giving up should not be an option. Coax yourself to take the time to heal yourself. Embrace each and every breathe that you're taking. Celebrate your life. Live it. Don't die before your death. Accept yourself the way you are. Be kind and love to yourself. Because, just you know the weaknesses and your strength

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Hey bagi ucapan untuk Hari Raya Aiduladha esok 🐐. i anon right. you will know me soon. Who i am.

Yeke I will know you soon? Janji kena tunaikan erk :|
Haha lawak ja ya :)
Salam aidil adha buat awak dan seluruh keluarga awak✨
Semoga aidil adha tahun ini bermakna bagi awak :)
and to all of Muslims in this world too, may Allah bless you with happiness, peace and joy.

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conversation between you with someone that you think cute

My best friend told to me, I have changed a lot.
just because,
am no longer talk to much not like before.
But the funniest for me what she say,
When I reply to her message, I don't give she an emoji anymore. So she felt a little sad and strange about this. haha (that's very cute for me)
So she thought, I'm getting older so fast. :|

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I love your poems it is all so meaningful, can i get one about having anxiety and insecureties ? Thank you so much✨

Are you, the same anon?
This is a little gift from me for you who are a strong ones :)
It's okay, having anxiety is't not show you're weaknesses ones and having insecurities it is not a sign that you're coward to step :)
We may not see what you're facing.
We also may don't know how much struggle you're trying to get back strong.
We may don't see the millions of times you've trying to get out from your situation that you through.
And we may don't know how many words you're have said to yourself to believe in yourself.
It's all only you know.
But, you don't know that you have power over yourself.
You have the power to choose.
It' don't have to control your thoughts. You just stop letting them control you.
You still have a lot of time to make yourself happy and free from the traps of your mind.
Say to yourself...believe yourself first that you are a strong and great person.
When you fall a second time one day, you can face it with a smile and will thanks to yourself because choose to be a strong rather than giving up for all.

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