Ask @itsKiM01:

mahal mo pa ga si glydel????

HAHAHA :)) ang tagal na nito.. move on din pag may time hahaha :)) as friends yes :) all i can say is that lovers can be friends :) we're the living proof of that :)

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When do you plan to really go back in PH? Or is there any?

i'm sorry i didn't notice this question.. it's been a month.. sorry 'bout that.. im so curious about your identity haha :) oh well i'll just answer your question.. i have plans going back when i'm ready enough i can't tell the date 'cause of many unpredictable situations that will come to my life. well whoever you are and if you're my friend. I MISS YOU pakilala ka :) usap tayo haha

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First three songs in your favorite playlist?

Think Of You - Christina Grimmie
I Won't Give Up - Christina Grimmie
Let Me Be The One - Timmy Pavino

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How does society brainwash the youth?

majority of the youth and adults dictates the society and that influences the minority of the youth...

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