Ask @its_selena_marie:

R u mad cuz you lost ur only 2 friends @ school

For the last time , no I'm not mad . And my only two friends .? What do you think this is. I have more then just two friends that go to liberty . Laugh my ass off . Goodbye . Go find something to do with your life then trying to figure out 13 year old drama . 😂😂👌🏻 . Bitch you is thirsty to know what goes on in my life .

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So u nd Jade arent friends

Oh my fucking goodness .! Just shut the fuck up about her , obviously we aren't friends . Or else there would've been pictures all over Instagram , and snapchat , and I wouldn't have deleted all of the pictures that involved her , nor would I have taken her out of my bio . L oh l . What does that fucking tell you .? Because it's pretty damn obvious . If you wanna know why we aren't friends .? Ah , it's the same reason everytime . Arylie . So just back the fuck up . And now you got what you wanted , so can you just shut the fuck up about them both .? Thanks . Goodbye 👌🏻✌🏻️

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