Ask @itsbaneen_:

IF you get a chance to date somebody who would you date


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Pap your dp?


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Cedarwood atm going to mci in grade 9 lol

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How many times have you fallen in love?

Music is my boyfriend...

I love u

Mami chula
I love you too 💓💓

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Thanks for telling me your school... 😏

Single or Taken


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U wanna go wit me

you're on anon..

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U got a season pass for wonderland?


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fav series ?

Vampire Diaries, 90210 💗 , & Pretty Little Liars.

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Fav YouTuber atm?

RiceGum. 🔥🔥

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Hi you're really pretty and you seem super nice and chill but I am really shy and you're so incredibly beautiful and you're so pretty it's really intimidating I really wanna talk to you, do you have a Kik or sc or Skype... I love to video chat ppl

Aw thank you so much, you just made my day//night. 😂 snapchat: @whatevsss453 :)

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I saw you ur pretty

Aw thanks come off anon lol

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That was you at wonderland?

Yeahh lol

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have sex with me babe😘🔥

lol no thanks.

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I don't use Kik lol

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what grade and what skool

About to graduate Kindergarten. 😊👏🏻

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Rate Drake's new album

10/10 🔥🔥

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Can I send you something dirty on MySpace ;)


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idk can you show me though?

Wtf why...

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Anons and their feet lmfao 😂

Lmao word 😂

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