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Barbara Palvin
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why are you so happy all of the time? -.-

sorry for enjoying life, negative nacy -.-

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What sound annoys you the most?

birds..oh my gosh I can't even handle the cheerping.

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do you like ever think your hot shit? because barbara is pretty hot..

not at all. and she she's absolutely gorgeous c:

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What is one thing your parents allowed you to do that you would never let your kids do?

throw food at the kitchen table. get like me. c;

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What is your favorite place to meet friends?

my house, im to lazy to go anywhere. oopsies. c;

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What would your dream house be like?

somewhere in europe, preferably .. London. but europe, that'd be nice.

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Who is the most beautiful person in your country?

Beyonce .. she is my queen. ♥

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What do you value the most in your life?

My parents, they are honestly amazing. ♥

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About Barbara Palvin:

Barbara Rose Palvin is the name. Answering your questions is my game.

im > Hungary