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is jelena really back? do you know anything about that?

Well as Selena say yes they are. The main is that they're both happy, it's not my business and not even yours too. That's their own life and relationship. If they decided to give a second chance to their love then I wish them the best.

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I love u so much <333333333333333333 Deeeeemmiiiiii :))

Elissa Cuan

Aw I love you too babe!

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What do you like to do for fun when you are not doing shows or in the studio?

Jullie Warner

Crazy things, bothering peoples or just go on my laptop like everyone ^^

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Who is your boyfriend'??

I'm single.

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The resulting one sister, how?

You should ask my father.

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It's so great, that you arent afraid to say what you want to say!

Thanks :)

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Could You Add Me On Facebook, Demi? Im Blocked

But I don't know your link and I don't add anyone!

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are you sure your not just an angel cuz u look and sing like one

Oh my lovatics and these pick up lines.. <3

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Did you and Selena become friends from barny ?

Yes, at the auditions for Barney.

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10) Do you consider yourself a Christian girl? Well that's all ... I think they are a lot of questions ... perhaps not even have time to read them, but hey lose nothing by trying. BLESSINGS

I don't consider myself anything when it comes to religion. I believe in God and everything he does and that's pretty much it for me.

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If this is really you how meny times have you had to kiss that lad on so random ,in the set btw

I don't count how many times i kiss someone, what the heck. Lol.

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Do u like pie

Yeah, pie is cool, i guess.

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I have stage fright but want to audition for xfactor help please :/

Start by singing live in front of one person, then two people, then a whole group, and slowly progress from there. You have a lot of time to audition for xf. Don't rush it.

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lovatics would be nothing without you.

I would be nothing without Lovatics.

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Demi dont take NO hate form these people ! You are gorgeouse and talented and i love you soo much ! Dont let ANY1 to put u down.<3

Thank you so much beautiful !!! <3

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You are SO welcome. I think it is pretty sad that when girls/women try to take a stand on an issue or speak the truth they are considered to be a "bitch." If people don't like your answers, they shouldn't even ask you questions....haha. "You can't handle the truth!".....haha. :-)


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Sorry to read of this rude person. People need to realise that when you're a kid, you have puppy fat, and THEN puberty changes things NATURALLY without the pressures to be thin. You are perfect the way you are Demi, forget about negativity :)


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Do you love pom poms?


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What does your faith tattoo mean?

I think that's pretty self explanatory.

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Are you a bitch ?? <3


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Who are u dating


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I absolutely CANNOT believe someone said this. Wow. I don't understand people AT ALL. Goodness, this person should try having some compassion and understanding. Or at the very least, some common sense.

I know..I totally agree with you.

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I love you so much Demi. Thank you for that mail, you know. But how can I stop cutting myself? It's hard.

You're beautiful, but you need help, ask help you can't do it yourself.

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Then why didnt you at least try to lose weight I you were bullied by being fat? Maybe you should have tried harder in pe or not eat as much?

How rude and close minded can you be? Who said I didn't try? There wasn't much a 8 year old girl can do about her weight.

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