dolly martinez.

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Latest answers from dolly martinez.


he deals the cards as a meditation and those he plays never suspect. he doesn't play for the money he wins, he don't play for respect. he deals the cards to find the answer, the sacred geometry of chance. the hidden law of a probable outcome, the numbers lead a dance. i know that the spades are the swords of a soldier. i know that the clubs are weapons of war. i know that diamonds mean money for this art, but that's not the shape of my heart.
he deals the cards as a meditation and those he plays never suspect he doesnt


all of my words now like a birthday wish. don't say it out loud, never out loud. yeah i want to tell everyone that you are, you are my only one. screaming at the top of my lungs. but i'm whispering, i'm whispering, i'm whispering.
all of my words now like a birthday wish dont say it out loud never out loud


ya no veo las noticias, no. no mido el tiempo ni los días. tú tan lejos, yo solita. toca quedarse en casita. estando en peligro y no hay marcha atrás. cuidando al perro y a mi mamá. si el miedo me colapsa.
ya no veo las noticias no no mido el tiempo ni los días tú tan lejos yo

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