Ask @itsfranxcesca:

If your Boyfriend ditched you for another girl, what will you do with them and how will you handle it?

It's his loss man. Hahaha I won't do anything to the girl la...I'll just really hate both of them and be really heartbroken of course... But oh well if he wants to cheat on me then he isn't worth it at all. If the girl wants him then she's just cheap. Is it not capable of finding your own guy?

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Hi Frans! Since you are a model for so many blogshops, do you have any blogshop to recommend for really comfy jeans? Or any of those retail brands eg h&m (at an affordable price) Thank you!

Theclosetlover has this pair of rly comfy jeans not sure still in stock not but it's called made for you jeans! Might wanna check it out! Else my next most worn jeans in my wardrobe are from h&m and uniqlo!

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Hello!! I am sure you don't rmbr but I asked you a question on vday last year too, telling you what a big fan I was of you and that your photo is my phone wallpaper!!! :) hehehe back here to tell u even though my phone wallpaper now is of daisies, I am still a super big fan!!! Hehehe happy v day!!!!

Xin Hui
Omggg yes I rmb hahahaha v sweet of you!!! Thanks hee. Have a happy CNY babe, 恭喜恭喜!!

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Hi Francesca! Most online shops instagrams now have models/social media influencers like you taking over them from time to time. While I enjoy it, I wonder if there is any reason for this shift in the industry? Cause it isn't just 1 or 2 shops, but many shops doing that!

Haha nope it's mainly just to hype the ig up I feel? So like it's less boring and it's interesting for the shop isn't it? Like they can take a break from updating the same ol' and have sth random and different for a couple of days! :)

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