Ask @itsgrayson1dolan:

I love your video when you took revenge on your twin bro Ethan when he taped you on the chair and I was like laughing all the time when you appeared as a killer clown and ethan went shouting for help..😂😂😂😂..Keep making cool and amazing videos..😃😊..Thumbs up!!🙌👍👍

He is scared of clowns 😂 haha. Thank you for supporting us I love y'all so much. 😊

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Nowadays, everything seems to be a big deal. If you have an iPhone and you wear a Casio watch, you'll be label as a social climber who gets these things by being a fuck girl. If you wear braces and expensive shoes, you're a fuck boy. And when you wear sexy clothes, you're a slut. Can we just be happy for other people? It seems that being happy is too hard to find nowadays.

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