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Rym manallah
it is true. i will never completely understand. but what i do know is that i will continue to fight with you and for you. people need to WAKE UP. do you all really want to live in a world where skin color defines who you are? the answer better be no. now is a time for change. If you are uncomfortable and tired of the conversation of racism, IMAGINE how sick and tired everyone is of going through it. EVERYONE in this world should be tired of seeing people of color getting racially profiled, beaten and killed. My heart BREAKS for you. I understand my white privilege and on behalf of that, i am SO sorry. ALL LIVES CANNOT MATTER UNTIL BLACK ONES DO. WE, the youth, NEED TO HELP EDUCATE. George Floyd, i hurt for you. I AM ANGRY. We will get justice. This world is disgusting and I really am hoping for change. NO JUSTICE. NO PEACE. So with that, lets say their names. SAY THEM OVER AND OVER AGAIN. BE ANGRY. everybody please be safe and keep fighting for what you believe in. NO ONE SHOULD HAVE TO DIE TO BE HEARD. ✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿 #blacklivesmatter

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