Ask @itsmejayanne:

Not refering to u not smiling in pics. Is when u post very "posed" (took a million shots with ur legs "placed nicely" etc), hipster, unnatural or narcisstic pictures that makes u look very shallow and like u just want to get more likes? Like another "teenage influencer wannabe". :/

Oh yeah that. I admit that I took multiple shots to angle myself for that pose hahaha. Plus I wore something hipster which made me do it. Ahyo chill, it was for fun hahahaha! Always the same pose very sian one you know ^^

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Is losing my v-card at 17 considered young? And it's to someone who's not even my bf... :/

Girl, I definitely would say losing it at that age is young. However with a 21st century mindset, if you know what you are doing and the consequences of it, then it's okay. I dont know how you lose it to a guy who isnt your bf but I do hope you will love yourself more and make wiser decisions from now. Always think before doing it! Value yourself! That is the difference between a slut and a nympho.

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Hey babe! Maybe you misunderstood... what I mean is if you're totally hairless down there, what would you expect your bf/partner to be? Personally I'm waxed but my bf has the full thing... and I'm not sure if he should at least shave? Like how should I even talk to him about it :/

I will expect him to shave as well if not how can you go down on him without having your face rubbed into it. But my bf will shave on his own 'cos it is much cleaner and hygienic. I think you should sit down and talk to him about it. Tell him why you want him to shave. Mention about hygiene. It is best if you can also address how shaving it off will benefit the both of you. Good luck! :)

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you talked about how you've no achievements in life that you're proud of, and now you want to be an air stewardess? I genuinely don't understand why it is so coveted (or why people feel proud to be chosen), seems very shallow to be happy about it? What are your thoughts.

personally, i do not view that getting the air stewardess job as an achievement for me leh. because that is a very shallow achievement, dont you think? the achievements i want to get would obviously be different from everybody else. i know previously i have written about the thought of going for the interview to see how far will i go in one of the posts and hahaha that was a playful thought. no worries, i had been thinking for awhile on my reasons for getting into sq and it is already beyond the "eh how far i can go" mindset. anyway anon, you seem rather anal about the air stewardess line?

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Use your youth wisely to carve a career for yourself. Dont be in your 30s regretting not having tried achieving your dreams, or even discovering what your true passion is. SQ is really just a convenient way out for shallow girls who just want to travel and have fun, offensive but true.

thanks for telling me this. i am aware of how cabin crews are actually just a high class waitress and all the gossips about them. i actually am considering to just go for their interview and see how far I can go HAHA! but of course not to forget about what I would really want to pursue too. will take your words into consideration :)

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