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Rickey Thompson
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I love you and your vines, you always make me smile💕


Awwwww love you too!!💕💕

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OMG I freaking love you so much and your coming out video from a while back touched my heart and inspired me


Awwww thank you boo! Love you💖

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May I just say ur amazing

Why thank you bb!!💖

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February 6th🔥🔥

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Your my favorite

Noooo you are my favorite💖😉

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Man you are gay asf

I mean yeah I am gay sooo.........

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what is your ig?

Thelifeofrickey 💕

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Your profile picture is so cute💗💗

Thank youuuuu💖

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Lizzy Clowney


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Where do you usually buy your chicken from 🍗



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What is your favorite thing to do in your spare time

My favorite thing to do in my spare time is to watch some Netflix and hang with my besties!💖

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Is this really you? You know those celebrities that are super fake on here

Yuppp it's me Rickey T😉

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When are you going on tour

Hopefully real soon!! I miss hugging you guys😭

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Favorite song at the moment?

Little Bit: Chris Brown 🔥

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Who old are you?

I'm 19 years old☺️

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Whats your favorite color

My favorite color is blue!!!

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🔥 Featured from @itsmerickeyt 🔥 How do you start your morning?

About Rickey Thompson:

Hey guys it's your boy Rickey T and WHAT IS GOOOD?!?! So I am here to answer all of your great questions SOO lets do this!!

Los Angeles,CA