Ask @itsmskmarie:

Okay so I like this guy but I only know of him from Instagram and he doesn’t know I exist, so how do I get his attention and tell him I like him and would like to date...

Don’t bother. He’s probably a jerk that will just get what he wants out of you then you’ll never hear from him again. Go for a person who will actually give you the time of day.

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3 years ago I made a mistake that led to my down fall. I've been able to lie to myself and everyone else up until now. My first relationship, I had an amazing and beautiful girlfriend, and things got intimate with another one of my friends. I didn't sleep with her but I can't seem to forgive myself

Since it was 3 years ago, I wouldn’t bother saying anything. If you truly love her, you’ll do whatever to show her that. Don’t punish yourself for too long because the guilt will show and negatively impact your relationship. But you also need to ask yourself, are you happy in this relationship?

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