Ask @itsnotsean_butitssean:

What do you think of cheaters (in romantic relationships)?

at first, i genuinely thought cheaters were really horrible people and they didn’t deserve any ounce of happiness in their lives. but, after getting cheated on myself, i realized that cheaters aren’t all horrible people. they’re just like us. they made a mistake but in this sense, they had made a mistake by not being fully committed to the person they were romantically involved with. i feel like every person has a chance for redemption, even cheaters who may have broken someone or someones in pieces. i think that cheaters need to think before they act on any other type of relationship besides the one they’re already in.

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What is “home” to you?

home to most is the place you live or the place you grew up in. but for me, it’s people. i found my home in my family. i found my home in my friends. home isn’t just the house i reside in or the city i live in. home, to me, is my mom, my dad, my sisters, my cousins, my aunts, my uncles, my lewsers, my friends — old and new. but the problem in finding a home in people, is when people leave. a piece of u leaves when ur home leaves. just be careful my friends.

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??What would you say to your young self and why?

don’t get frustrated. frustration could lead to anger and anger could lead aggression. do not get frustrated, it’s not worth it. don’t get upset when you feel as if you can’t create something because u can. inspiration will come to you, don’t go looking for it. all that time in the garage, all the training u did, it will pay off. u are going to become one of the most well-known dancers in all of america. you are going travel around the world to places u never thought you’d be in, to teach and to learn. and finally, do not focus on girls. if u focus so much on that, you’ll lose all attention to what ur true passion is. oh, and keep taking those voice lessons, u sing too kid.

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