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Taylor Skeens
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Are you a hoe

Sir I am not a gardening tool

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i dare you to go out wearing mismatched shoes all day everyday for 2 whole months and post pics and short videos on here of you out wearing and walking in them everyday.

If I do this they better put me in a book or something.

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why are you on ask if you're a celebrity 😂😂


Who said I was a celebrity?!?

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who the heck are you? why does askfm approve not famous people? im fed up!


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do you smoke cigarettes?

Nope coz I probably would die. They makes my throat close up

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falalallalalallallalallaaa your my mom

Ooooh hi son

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Pancakes or waffles?


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you have a blackberry messenger/ BBM? i from indonesia

Helen Stesya

Who owns a blackberry anymore hahahaha

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can you speak english?

I speak redneck. You wouldn't understand

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shoe size?

7 1\2
you buying me some shoes?

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let me guest your age.. 25-28?

I'm 10

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ur bra size??

why? you buying me some?!
There not cheap let me tell ya

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Can I call you Mike?

yes yes please omg i've always wanted that name thank you

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If I am 17 am I "too old" to start a career like yours on the internet?

you can start whenever you want. It's never to late, but just make sure it's what you want.

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Why are you on my timeline?

Because I'm forever stalking you


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Would you rather do a dare from me or eat 6 Pizzas ALONE (in 40 minutes)

Nandinbayr Odsuren

dude when you bring pizza into the equation which one do you really think I'll choose? hmm? hmm?

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What is your favorite food emoji it!

The chicken leg omg

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post a pic of yourself in heels/wedges

Post a picture of yourself in heels and a banana costume

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How can I became a good youtuber? Do I need a good camera or can I use my phone? :/

Noo I filmed half of my youtube videos on my iphone :D

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What's your worst nightmare?

Jake Merkel

I actually just woke up from a weird one
I was staying at a hotel, and for some reason they had a grocery store in their lobby. I brought up the grocery's to my hotel room before paying and the front desk lady ninja kicks my door and starts screaming at me. It was actually more terrifying than it sounds I promise.

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What's the big deal about you? Like what are you famous for? Not trying to be rude😊

Google is the source of information

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Do you know babyariel? Cause you both are my favorite ❤️

Not personally. but thanks xx

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Why is verifying random people?

I'm not random.
I'm Taylor Skeens
Who is you?

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