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Yes so true good answer ty again

I liked this girl until I found out she lied to me. Literally about everything. What worst is she said her mother passed away because she shoot herself. Found her mother's Facebook and she's such a good mom and she loves her so much. Know it because I saw her posts on this girls timeline. I asked why she lied to me and manipulate things. I acted like idk anythibg at first but she keep lying. All her excuses really don't make sense at all. Since then I never trust people. You gotta act like you trust people but don't. Find out of everything before you be with them. Dont fall for their stories!
Although I'm actually a type of person that I be knowing shit and still be tryna give people the benefit of the doubt.
It's a blessing and such a curse at the same time 🙄
OK this is too long and maybe quite bit makes no sense cuz I'm sleepy af but my allergy so fkn annoying.

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