Ask @itzayaaa:

True that! But sometimes we miss out that one conversation could be ego, hesitation, arrogance, lack of courage etc. but yes if we can do that would solve all the problems 🙃

Felt that but also it won’t Always be like what we want. So u gotta be strong at making those decisions. It’s life yk

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+2 answers in: “What I hate the most is when you’re trying your best to have a good conversation but the other person just don’t give a shit about what you are talking about and keep on ignoring you which makes the situation even worse, it hurt though. #shoutout #íS #🌻”

You are welcome just be the strong person that you are I'm sure you will achieve everything if you put your mind into it, get a good rest and wake up with the mentality of the strong girl that you are

I tried so hard to stay positive. It’s been a whole year so that’s why i feel so tired :( but I really needed that!! can i know who’s this?? Thank u so much

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