Ask @itzzpete:

I see Shay got a new nigga. You are truly sad my friend. Why you protecting her when she over there making some other nigga happy?

don't even "talk"anymore kid. Lmfao. I'm just watching over her. You clearly don't understand what she's been through which shows you don't know her. the sad one here is you. Because if you have a friend who has a history like her. You clearly don't know what it means to be a true friend. Grow up kiddo. I could careless about you intuition.

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Dear my #1 hater, Why are you so obessed with me? Like please come off anon and say that shit to your queen ME! Please tell me how i'm a hoe. Oh wait you can't! Your mad cus I make money, lived on my own, drive my own car, and doin shit you aint doin but being a instagram model. FOH. You bum bitch!

Lmfao..______..shaylene exposed her ask cause she isn't afraid of you. secondly you know whose back i'll have. So you better Watch your mouth. Cause i don't fuck around either.

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