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I have been in doubt for some time, have you been doing well? I really love what you do and I have been very aware of your social networks

Sorry it took me so long to get back to you! I haven't been using my ask.fm for the longest time;
I'm doing very well! I'm being kept very busy in my day-to-day life but in a very healthy way! ^^
I realise I haven't been keeping up with my social media accounts all that well but hopefully I can start posting more content this year, even if just illustrations!
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What is your biggest regret as a writer?

I don't consider myself as a writer so I can't really respond to this ^^;

something funny that happend today

my mom was running around the house screaming "whERE IS MY PHONE" but it was in her hand all along.
then she goes around the house and says "wHERE'S MY LIGHTER?!"
me: did you checkyour hand?
mom: I actually did, just in case-
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Has visto "stranger things"?

si! Me dio tanto miedo sinceramente- no estaba confortable con el poco de horror a dentro pero digamos que me 'acostumbre' (ya no grito tan fuerte cuando veo el otro mundo 8'D)
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how to get your attention?

come to my streams! Communicate with me~ I'm always down to talk with my viewers and find it a good way to get close to them! It might get crowded on youtube though as long as you treat me as an equal, you are sure to get my respect and attention <3
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Iyu retomaste la Universidad?Perdón la pregunta ; ; (Si es así,espero todo vaya bien <3 uvu )

No hay problema! Lo que paso es que deje 3 clases de 5 durante el semestre pasado por culpa de falta de interes. Osea, me interesa aprender, pero no lo sufficiente para quebrarme la cabeza con examenes y anxiedad dos veces cada semestre. Y pues me dijeron que podia dejar la uni con diploma si terminaba 3 classes mas, o sino podia tomarme un descanzo de hasta 3 semestres seguidos.
Pero bueno, con suerte, quebaba 3 classes cual me interesaban asi que decidi tomarlas y al menos tomar mi descanzo a partir del final de este semestre! Obviamente, tengo que encontrarme un trabajo o almenos hacerme lo sufficiente dinero para pagar mi tableta y planear mi ida en japon, y si llego a hacer esto, mis padres estaran en paz con mi decision!
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Est-ce qu’il serait plus difficile pour toi, de vivre sans musique ou sans sucreries?

sans musique! de loin!

qu'est t'aime pas

ca m'a pris une bonne seconde pour comprendre LOL-
mm--- j'aime pas qu'on me fasse perdre mon temps tbh..!

Iyuu 7u7 harías un directo o vídeo en youtube mostrándote ? 7u7r no me ignores please (?

cuando me compraran una camera para hacerlo ^^
y por favor no pideis que no te ignora si usted mismo a decidido no ver las 10 mil veces que ya e dicho que no tengo camera.
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Por qué ya no está el chat de discord ; A; ??

por que
1. ya no estaba activo
2. no habia nadie para ser buen mod

Do you worry about your exams????

not much tbh, only classes i have exams now are japanese class and they correct super kindly so meh


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