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According to you, what can and should we do for the religion Islam in an attempt to bring back its real image in society? (Serious and practical answers only)

Ahmednorthowed’s Profile PhotoAhmed Mac
Hmm I'm a big sinner, I'm not a perfectionist, bt I am practicing my deen.
According to me, to bring back islam real image in society:
*we shud do pabandi of Praying 5 times of namaz, wid including tahajjud.
*we shud Try nd normalize the following of Quran.
*"la illaha illalah muhammadur rasoolAllah". We shud Normalize following Sunnah nd hadees, they are frm Muhammad (P.B.U.H).
As sunnah is the acts done and hadees is the words said by our beloved prophet.
*we shud Try to know about sahaba e kram nd Hazrat Ali R.A., as prophet (P.B.U.H) said if I am the door of knowledge, Hazrat Ali R.A is the key to the door.
*we shud normalize Takhreer's nd ijtema's every week like Qutba every Friday's.
*we shud always Remember Allah (swt) by doing loads of zikr nd dua.
*we shud Repent as many tyms as u can nd try not to repeat sins, nd don't get attached to this temporary world though as much you can. Bcoz eventually "Inna lillahi wa inna illahi rajioon"
*we shud Do always remember the main motive for which we are here in this duniya. "Takbir- Allahuakbar" nd "la illaha illalah muhammadur rasoolAllah"
*May Allah(swt) guide us to the straight path. Ameen ya Rab. ❤️
*May Allah(swt) forgive all our Sagheera gunah. Ameen ya rab.❤

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Mere paas se guzar kr mera haal tak na pucha, main kaise maan jaun woh dur jaake roye?

ShigrafAli’s Profile PhotoShigrafff✅
Tere ehteram me khamosh hu mai to kon kehta hai judayi me roya nahi hu,. Meri nend sojati hai araam se bistar par magar mai ek arse se soya nahi hu 🥀

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Hey there! I'll be making a comeback to Twitch soon. Could you please give me a follow? Things I stream: gaming, cooking/baking/drinks, geocaching and sometimes when I'm at work (I work with animals so if you love animals you'll love to see that haha). Thanks! Twitch: NoraKitties

NoraKitties’s Profile PhotoNora May
All the best

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