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You are attending a birthday party of a very rich person who "has got everything". What do you give him/her as a gift?

A smile.

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Are you the kind of person who wants to be the big fish in a little pond or the little fish in the big pond?

I want to be the big fisg in a little pond? Kk glpr

Why did a guy be so nice to a girl without any intentions?

I think its the girl that matter? Why did she misunderstood the guy being nice to her? Eventhough i will also act like the girl if i were her 😂

If your love partner was in another country . Would u leave your family and your university to go for him/her ??

No i think? Family comes first. Only if im married to him then i will consider it

Yaaay! I love u moreeee baby <33 Nanti kita pergi paris sama-sama. Kita shopping sama-sama. Kita makan pon sama-sama. Semua sama-sama ok? Sbb i nak sama-sama u!!!!

Haha okay baiklah


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