Ask @izzyangus:

You are SO cute and every time I read your blog posts they always make me feel some kind of fuzzy warmth inside, you have SUCH a way with words. jw if you could do some sort of fall quarter montage thing like CIC does for each of the quarters @ stanford? I would LOVE to see that! much love <3

Thank you so much!!! and of course, i 100% intend to :)

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Hey Izzy! I was wondering if you could film your move in day to Stanford, and post it to your account on YouTube.If you do decide to, please make it fun and very detailed (FILM EVERYTHING!) No I'm kidding, but seriously😑😂. Also I really enjoy your blog and YouTube videos and congrats on everything!

Yes, I am planning on it! I will try my best to get it all! x

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