Ask @jackiechan12222:

Did your freshmen year suck? Mine did; I was labeled, bullied, ignored by teachers, threatened and had straight F’s. Along with the abundant amount of cyber harassment. Now I’m a senior at a different school getting straight A’s. My advice to freshmen: make friends, don’t rely on teachers for help

Omg I'm so sorry but my 2-7 grade I got bullied and I always got per A and B but yhea your not the only one

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I been really depressed lately and my gf hates seeing me sad so I been acting like I'm happy an it's all ok but it's not an I want to open up to my gf more but I don't want her to be sad an worried about me, so any advice or something irdk

Well idk but you should tell her and if you don't I think it will make her more sad why because she might think that you don't want her to know anything but you can talk to me anytime you want I'm here for anyone

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