Ask @jackiee_bonedyourmom:

What qualities do you have that others don't have?

Naturally funny af, I make shit happen on my own,cuz I don’t depend on no body to do my shit for me,regardless even if it’s a fight and I might not win idgaf I’m throwing my shots win or lose,if you bring anyone else in,that pussy shit and you deserve for someone to empty the whole clip on yo ass 😭🤷🏻‍♀️

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How do you get motivated during the bad times?

My co worker and I share everything with each other when I feel stressed he’s there for me I go to his house and sleep on him or we play COD cuz we love to game,it’s always smiles with him he’s my best friend my right hand,my honey, idk it’s crazy how in such a short time he became so important to me.

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What do you do if the person you havent moved on from has moved on from you but you feel like they havent really moved on from you they just said that just because

No one says things “just because”, that person isn’t gonna move on and forget everything the next day, obviously they need time and eventually they will move on 🤷🏻‍♀️

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