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you are IMPORTANT, you are LOVED, you are WORTHY, you are VALUABLE, you are AMAZING 💕 for anyone struggling with mental health this is for you 💖 just remember you have to fight through the storm in order to shine in the sun 🌞✨

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Recording successful. Does anybody else like recording themselves singing? Also do you like to send your recordings to others so they can can enjoy your singing? I just sent my recording to my special angel on Skype. I hope he enjoys my national anthem I sang for him.♥️🤍💙🥰

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Great job

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If we dating exclusively and I see you can't lead ( we out in public) you can't protect me or you constantly making scenes I'm not going to follow you!! PERIOD ... that ish isn't giving what it needs to.. ??

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I didn't know we was going out


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