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Also I know he's probably going to say oh it's because I smoke and Im not being myself or that I'm too scared of what other people think literally everyone tells me evytbing he thinks. He wants to rape me. I'm pretty sure he saw the video(s) and if not there's no way he's actually that stupid and blind there's just no way. Like Sam knows Jose knows he has to know. Cause there's no way. There's just no way that thats what I have to be stuck with because he's a virgin or whatever there's no way that's my only option also is Jayson okay? I just want to make sure that he's home safe and I don't have any way of communicating with him. Also if he doesn't want me Im not gonna say he doesn't because I have a feeling he does and I know that he's a good person . He has a good soul. This is me. This is what I would say. I am sober and in sound kind mind

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