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What do you consider when making friends

Loyalty and honesty which are the underlying determinating factors that make me trust people

thoughts on people who exploit there kids on youtube for money?

Wrong. I mean if they were like 17 and above maybe even 15 and above where they're not they know what they're doing you know then that might be okay but I feel like from ages 5 to like 13 I don't think it's okay they're taking advantage of their children and they have the children don't even know what's going on not just yet so yes it's okay and yes it's not okay all depending on the age of the child I believe and the emotional age as well like the emotional quotient

When was the first kiss in your life?

I had my first Hershey's kiss last year 😁😜 believe it or nawwwwt

Do you answer questions with questions?

Do you pay attention to what you text or do you just blabber it out

👁️ Do you want to fall in love this summer?

I want to fall in love with some nice expensive AC equipment bunch of cold water fan on me lots of suntan lotion and a whole bunch of avoiding the sun cuz it's way too damn hot out there these days. The thought of having cold ice shoved down the back of my shirt sounds so good at certain times that it's super hot I would take a freaking ice bath once it hits 100° here

Do you like Eminem

Hello yea "the moment you own it you better never let it go you only get one shot dont Miss your chance to blow this opportunity comes once in a lifetime" yeeehaaaa!!!
Do you like Eminem


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