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If someone called you in the middle of the night and said they were standing outside of your window, and your window was opened.... how would you react?

I would feel creeped out and probably scared

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Would you ever go running back to your ex because no one else wants to love you?

Probably if my ex still wanted me

Can you give me some positive energy?🥹

Sending u positive vibes right now love. U got this. I believe in u

Please pray for me. Even though you don't know me. Thanks in advance.

No problem. Sending positive vibes and good energy ur way

I’m a guy (18) I don’t think I’m queer, but sometimes I find guys attractive, is there something wrong with that? Or me? How do I get rid of this?

U don't get rid of it. U embrace it. Embrace who u r and love urself and it will set u free. And if u, a guy, finds guys attractive then that means ur queer. U might be bisexual

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