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Nobody said that jackass. And unless you're a psychic, stop assuming everyone's a Christian. So dumb.

Nobody said i was trying to get back with her? youre obviously not reading spirits wander.. and Ive kept track of which 40 year olds there are the supposed christians, and the same people have wished harm on me and everyone i know and gloat in the fact of us losing anything we care about. those are the people im talking to, if you arent one of them just shut up for now.

Do you really wanna get back with steph?

fuck no. whoever said that has no life lol, to completely fabricate shit like that to stir up more conversation between assholes who profess to be christian. And they'll probably contest me on that but anyone who tries to tear someone else down isnt acting christian and needs to reevaluate their life, and people who try to tear someone down using loved ones who've passed are just psychotic, and sure as heck arent going anywhere close to whatever they think heaven is

Why did you stop talking about religion? Anne Bailey got to you huh

lmao, no.. i just dont feel the need to talk about it 24/7?? Neil Tyson said it best, "I cant gather around in a room and talk about how much everyone doesnt believe in God.. Wheres the sense in that"
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Why is Isabel so desperate to be associated with you? She constantly speaks for you and forces pictures with you so she can post online. It's a bit much lol. Actually it's more than a bit.

Idk maybe she likes me or something ?? I'm not complaining, she's the best :-)

Once you've lived around a large proportion of inner city blacks you'll understand. Until then, maybe you should shut the fuck up about it. Lmfao.

Nah, you're not educated on the situation yet are trying to voice your opinion, definition of ignorant and I don't fuck with you, keep asking dumbass questions if you want but I'm not going to dignify your lack of intelligence by answering anymore

No, didn't watch, I have a very shitty ISP. Even if I did, this kind of stuff never gets me upset. I'm not bitching about the guy that the black kids bashed to death with a hammer, and neither is anyone else. That's what I'm saying, only white on black gets attention, then it's out of proportion.

If you didn't watch the video kindly shut the fuck up about it lmfao

The more you resist, the tighter the hold gets. He should have A) not broken the law B) done what he was told, when he was told. All this could have been avoided. Again, where are the riots when blacks kill blacks? Only matters when whitey or a cop is involved.

Did you watch the video? Not much resisting against 4 cops, 1 choking you, 1 with his knee digging into you

You guys seriously lowered my standard for what is stupid. You think I'm joking or just trying to be a dick, but I'm being 100% honest. I truthfully didn't know people could be as dumb as you two.

That's an amazing opinion my man

The reason you think it's an insult is because you're insulted, when all I'm doing is communicating my genuine suprise at how stupid two people can be. I mean bruh, look at the shit she posts...

No the reason it's an insult is because it is, opinions can be insults too lmao, don't be dumb. But we both know we aren't dumb so I guess you can keep telling us your opinion but I can tell you now how much it isn't going to affect us lol

I'm sorry man but God damn, Isabel and you are stupid. It's like two idiots came together to form a bigger idiot.

You got me man! Where do you get your brilliant insults from

If Eric Garner was white do you think any black people would care about what happened to him?

He isn't white, and show me the video where a white guy gets choked out begging for his life after allegedly selling some loose cigs

What happened to your friend Brenden with the sexy eyes?

He's on vacation in Mexico for a while he can't use his phone cause international charges
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how'd you know his name was greg lmfaoooo why is that so funny to me, you laying there like "DAMMIT GREG"

Lmao, on spiritswander some goof Greg is transcribing all my recent answers on the subject because he's a little hurt im not telling him every bit about myself

I am so curious to hear about your dream too.

Now that Greg made a huge fucking deal about it I'm sure everyone is

Now Jacob, you better be nice or Spiritswander is going to blog about you. :)

Not in the mood to give a fuck, and if they think I act this way to everyone, obviously no, just dumb persistent fucks that get pissed at nothing and think they're better for it

Oh but life is about tweeting to tease ppl so you can ignore the natural follow up question you set them up for? Yeah that's what is important in life.

You are the weirdest fuck that ever asks me questions. You do this whole ordeal like 3 times a month I feel so sorry you don't have more important things to pay attention to.. Or that you haven't at least unfollowed me :/ sorry you're so pathetic

So when a shit ton of social media posts makes you(me, actually) want to jump of a building, how do you bring yourself down from it all. I already drink and smoke pot.

I remember that these people aren't normal at all and arent people I'd ever normally associate with. If they don't like hearing the facts that they have no fucking lives & just make something out of nothing to feel like they know anything that's not my problem, they'll figure it out someday that this isn't what life is about

You know nothing about decency and treating people with respect. Teasing ppl is a dick move. But you're too much of a spoiled brat to have someone teach you that.

You people aren't fucking decent shut the fuck up with your condescending ass. The only needed information is what I gave you. Everything else is a luxury I'm not willing to afford to you.
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Oh your self pity victimization. You have a fucking public twitter account. Knock off the "I'm being stalked" whine. Here's a concept. Don't fucking tweet about things if you aren't prepared to elaborate. You're like the little twerp on the playground running around "Naw naw naw, I know a secret!"

I guess I am bruh! Are you hurt? Will you live? How bout YOU get over yourself thinkin you need to know everything. Annoying fuck
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Why do you constantly tweet about stuff you won't elaborate about when ppl ask you? Just to be a dick? Try to make ppl curious so you can be a jerk? Go on and on about your dream, but don't say why.

Damn two tweets.. Must be hard to stalk me and wonder about my life

I don't understand the seizure girl video?? Seizures are not caused by stress, they're a medical condition and I'd be mortified if someone vined me having one..?

They are definitely sometimes caused by stress haha.. I have a friend with epilepsy and that's happened to him

If you really want to get into some conspiracy theory stuff, check into the prison industrial complex.

Trust me that's not a 'theory', and I've definitely looked into it


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