Ask @jadenperkins1:

remember the time you liked my girlfriends post on here? soo hop off her ask.❤️

You know theres this thing called free will. I choose to use it. Just cuz I like a post doesnt mean I'm gonna try to frickin get with her. I dont even know who you are but honestly I couldnt care less. Try all you want, but I'll do as I please because I dont care what some random guy thinks.?

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U do all these bible studies and then u say one thing and do the opposite

I have a couple of bad habits. Doesn't make me a hypocrite. It's something God and I are working through. I believe in God with all that I am and I hold nothing back from Him. You already know that. And by the way, you have no right to judge me. My sin is no greater than yours. Before you choose to criticize me, make sure your perfect first.

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he has to be that scared of losing his girl to a 13 year old probably? now he's asking you questions probably his friends threatening you for like one simple post. what the fuck ??

I know! They are probably 16 and I'm 13. Yeah, so much pride in threatening a kid 3 years younger than you over liking a post.

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