Ask @jadeybowl:

Do you have a beloved person? If yes, how did you get acquainted?

My lil padders 💕
We met on my 18th birthday when my friend Dom had to force Paddy to talk to me because he thought I was too pretty to talk to 😂 then he started showing up to parties I was at and we ended up just becomin best friends straight away, like he was my real homie. Then we caught feelings a year down the line and now I'm the happiest I could ever be 💖

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To cut a long story short @lydiarosecaldeira fell out with @beachlover46 and blocked her after @beachlover46 was using anonymous to spread her jealously and anger after @lydiarosecaldeira was making moves on this gimp @bigboypete and now they are somewhat friends again but its an awkward situation

Okay das cool an all that homie but I don't recall asking and can't imagine a single scenario where I would ever possibly care

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