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مساحـةة 🖤

On this day before three year i saw you, i saw your beautiful eyes i was happiest man , i can't emagain how was my feelings when you stand behind me to take a photo off us , my heart was beat slowly i was so happy i felt like i had a while world, it was an amazing day in my life, i can't forget those day in my life ever and i will save those photo in my wallet forever and when i miss you i will see it and read your letter that you gave me in those day.🖤

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مـــساحةة.. 🥀

من شەپۆلی شێت باوەشت کەنار
دێمە کەنارت مەست و بێ قەرار
تۆ بای سەرکەشی ناکویتە داو
تا بێم ڕات بگرم هەڵ ئەکەی بە تاو
من دەریای بێ ڕەنگ تۆ ئاسمانی گەش
شینایی تۆیە گرتومە باوەش
من کانیاوی ئەوین و ئاشتی
تۆ ڕێبوارەکەی تینووی بەهەشتی🖤

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