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Men love with their eyes and women love with their ears. Do you agree?

Haha I disagree 💯💯
Doesn't matter who we are it all starts from looking, except for the blind, and those who say they develop attraction because of personality lie, personality is only gets visible when you choose to spend your time with an individual and choosing to know a stranger comes down to only two things, attractive looks or what they have ($$$) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Personally and faithfulness just develops further attraction but truth is it all starts from only two things, looks or what they have 💯

Do you ever deal with an overwhelming sense of dread, in which the cause of your anguish is unknown? How do you deal if so?

Not overwhelming but as a human I'd say sometimes I do feel it a bit
Reason being that mainly I've chosen certain paths in my life where the end point is just unknown/uncertain to me, and that's OK ik what I've chosen, but to solve fear of unknown/uncertainty I keep on working on things that are in front of me that leads to the end goal thus eliminating the fear
I follow satisfaction and I will tell others also to do so💯💯💯 there's no greater feeling in this world than having achieved what you said you'd achieve💯💯💯💯fear will eliminate itself

Does being single bother you?

Nope, being with wrong person will💯
I'd say be with someone who accepts you for who you are, not because of what you have
Normally people wanna be with you because of what you have and that's wrong 💯💯💯
Tbh I don't care what ethnicity she is all I need is her to accept me as who I am 💯💯💯

What do u do when u r sad

talhajavaid_official’s Profile PhotoTalha Javaid
First is to realize that if the reason for sadness is in my control or not...if it is, I think of possible solution, if it's not, IDGAF about things ik I don't control 💯💯💯
Second is to think of possible ways of getting out of that situation and start working on it...that sets my mind in a state of process.....takes away sadness 💯


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