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best thing happened to you?

Muhammad Ali
Every struggle I went through, taught/made me realize something important 💯💯💯
I did read somewhere; Most of Life's blessings do come in a shape of hardship.., no BS but I do agree with this statement
Honestly, I'm not a big fan of some historian psychological words, I like to keep myself at what's ahead, ik my equation; More I work, more I achieve, also fun is a big factor of a healthy life 💯💯, so let's party at the side 😘😘

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What makes a person rich?

Well, it's not just money, it's actually more about assets that provide you a steady, and increasing cash flow, not just money, money comes and goes, cash flow keeps coming
Then use that money to buy/build another asset, increase cash flow, and at the same time don't over spend on your lifestyle, I'd say underspend on your lifestyle, you manage these two, you'll be wealthy

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